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  •  Flat Bed Creasing and Die Cutting Machine 
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    • Semi-Auto Flat Bed Creasing And Die Cutting Machine
    Semi-Auto Flat Bed Creasing And Die Cutting Machine

    Semi-Auto Flat Bed Creasing And Die Cutting Machine

    1-semi-auto flat bed die cutting and creasing machine 

    2- easy operation 

    3-high precision 4-safe

    Product Details

    Use and Characteristics:

    ◆ It is key equipment for die cutting, creasing and embossing of box, carton and label etc.

    ◆ The machine adopts high precision indexing intermittent, pneumatic die lock mechanism, air clutch, over load protection mechanism, electric pressure adjust mechanism, ensuring smooth and high speed running. It also equipped with preloading mechanism, vice feeding mechanism, speed-variable paper conveying mechanism, auto lubrication system,

    ◆ Main driving base lubrication oil chilling system etc. exerting the machine’s full potential.

    ◆ All electric parts and driving parts are all from internationally famous brands, ensuing the stability of high speed running and high precision of die cutting. PLC and electronic code real-time monitor whole machine running, diagnosing malfunctions conveniently. Big size man-machine interface display machine running state, malfunction point and trouble-shooting ways.

    Max.Paper Size1230×850mm1320×940mm1510×1120mm1670×1250mm
    Min.Paper Size350×450mm400×500mm450×550mm500×550mm
    Max.Die-cutting Size1210×830mm1300×920mm1490×1100mm1490×1100mm
    The minimum size in mouth8888
    Max.Die-cutting Pressure300n/c㎡300n/c㎡300n/c㎡300n/c㎡
    Corrugated paper8mm(max.thickness)8mm(max.thickness)8mm(max.thickness)8mm(max.thickness)
    Die cutting precision±0.1±0.1±0.1±0.1
    Max.die-cutting speed4500 sheets/h4500 sheets/h4500 sheets/h4000 sheets/h
    Max.Feeding Pile Height1400mm(above thelevel)1400mm(above thelevel)1400mm(above thelevel)1400mm(above thelevel)
    Max.Collecting Pile Height1200mm(above thelevel)1250mm(above thelevel)1250mm(above thelevel)1300mm(above thelevel)
    Total Power11KW13.5KW13.5KW20KW


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