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    • SM-10 Double facer
    • SM-10 Double facer
    SM-10 Double facerSM-10 Double facer

    SM-10 Double facer

    1- Online corrugated cardboard production line  

    2-Heating plate option 6-22sets  

    3- Width option 1400-2200mm

    Product Details

    Use and Characteristics:

    1. Design speed: 150-180m/min, width 1400mm-2200mm

    2. The heating plate structure is 600mm, and the quantity can be configured to 8-14 blocks according to the production line speed.

    3. The surface of hot segment plate is ground and can be plated hard chromium, which meets the national standard of type ii pressure vessel.

    4. The hot segment adopts the pressure roll structure or the thermal pressure structure, but according to the number of layers of the production board, the pressure of the section pneumatic adjustment can be selected.

    5. Cylinder tensioning device is adopted for cotton belt. Choose electric or automatic conveyor belt rectifying device.

    6. The driving part adopts oil - invaded gearbox, which can be driven by electromagnetic speed regulating electric or variable frequency motor.

    7. The main drive roller surface wear-resisting rubber, the surface of the waist drum type, preventing the transmission of the deviation.


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