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    • SF-280A Heating Exchange Single Facer
    SF-280A Heating Exchange Single Facer

    SF-280A Heating Exchange Single Facer

    1- Heating exchange model single facer machine  

    2- No need boiler, but cardboard quality and speed same like steam heating model    

    3- electric heating oil inside of rollers. 

    4-Speed 80m/min 

    Product Details

    Use and Characteristics:

    1. Mechanical speed: 80m/min.

    2. Effective width: 1400mm- 1800mm.

    3. Adopt the hood type structure, with high pressure and powerful fan, and the air absorption and silencing equipment.

    4. Wall cast iron structure, wall thickness 130mm. Independent gearbox, universal shaft drive.

    5. he material of corrugated roller is 48CrMo alloy steel, which is tempered by adjustment, medium frequency quenching, surface polishing and chrome, the diameter of corrugated main roller is phi 280mm, the surface hardness HRC58 degree above.

    6. Corrugated roller and pressure roller adopt airbag type pressure, cushion shock absorption, long service life.

    7. Pneumatic control for glue, degumming, gluing roller diameter phi 215mm. After the surface has been polished, it can be treated with the hard chromium plating after the surface of the grooves. The surface of the rubber roller has been polished and treated with hard chromium plating.

    8. Four sets of electric heat pipes are used to heat and heat the oil, heating fast, without heating furnace, automatic temperature control and control of two groups.

    9. Strong closed-loop cycle of thermal conduction oil, low system pressure, no leakage, heat cycle utilization, less heat loss.

    10. The rodent structure stirring ring is installed in the hot roller, the heat efficiency is high, the drum is hot and even, corrugated forming well.

    11. The economical and environmental protection of the hot exchange single-side machine is small, which is especially suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises.


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