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    • Computer Sheet Cutter Machine
    Computer Sheet Cutter MachineComputer Sheet Cutter MachineComputer Sheet Cutter MachineComputer Sheet Cutter Machine

    Computer Sheet Cutter Machine

    1- For single facer line

    2- Compuer model with PLC and touch screen 

    3- AC driver high precision

    Product Details


    ※Structural features:

    ★Can save 200 sets of orders, replace the cutting specifications quickly and accurately, non-stop for a single, and can achieve computer networking, easy production management.

    ★Knife shaft drive gear with eccentric shaft installation, to achieve no backlash drive, high transmission accuracy.

    ★Cross-cutting knife with inserts steel blade. Fixed blade blade flat structure, more stable, more suitable for cutting high weight and high toughness of cardboard, the shear force is small, long blade life.

    ★Pull paper roller outsourcing non-slip material, more wear-resistant, accurate size.

    ★Host base and wall panels with high-grade gray cast iron, high strength, strong anti-vibration.

    ★Servo controller control motor drive, 5.7 inch color touch screen display, the project at a glance.

    Cutting length: 300mm-9000mm, cutting accuracy: ± 1.5mm (steady speed).

    ※General technical parameters:

    • Working width:1800mm

    • Mechanical speed:60m/min

    • Minimum cut length:300mm     

    • Maximum cutting length:9000mm     

    • Cutting accuracy: uniform speed ±1.5mm

    ※Power motor and electrical parameters:

    • Main drive motor power:3KW           

    • Full AC Synchronous Servo Control

    • Papermaking motor power:3KW(Frequency)

    ※Mainly purchased parts, raw materials and origin:

    Name of main partsBrands or place of originMaterial and type
    Inverter motorHebei hengshui3kw
    Servo AC driverKeweida
    bearingHRB、ZWZ、CYC or Zhengjiang wanxiang
    Seat belt bearingZhengjiang five rings


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